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Bella Toscana

After two months abroad, the novelty of traveling independently and planning all of your own trips starts to wear off.  Luckily, included in SAI, the program I came to Italy with, was a weekend excursion to the border of Tuscany and Lazio.  At five a.m. on Friday, eight other students and I woke up, grabbed … Continue reading »

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Fitting In and Sticking Out

One of the most wonderful—and one of the most challenging—things about spending an extended period of time in a different country is recognizing rituals, places, and ways of life that you miss about your home country while simultaneously realizing the same types of things that you will miss about the place when you leave it. … Continue reading »

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L’estate a Febbraio

The weather in Sorrento is finally getting sunny, and life remains just as beautiful as ever.  A trip to Pompeii, scooter rides through the city, a dinner with my friend Morgan’s host family, and days by the water have filled my time in the past week. Visiting Pompeii was one of the things that I … Continue reading »

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Finding the Extraordinary in the Everyday

This week’s blog post has been a bit of a struggle to write.  So far, I’ve had ideas pouring out of me since the moment I stepped off the plane.  But this week…this week seemed, well, boring.  I’ve been going to class, eating dinner with friends, and catching up on sleep; pretty much what I’d do … Continue reading »

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Una Fine Settimana a Roma

During our first week here in Sorrento, I spontaneously asked two of my new friends, Jill and Morgan, to come to Rome with me.  I knew that it was somewhere that I desperately wanted to go–the history the permeates the city is overwhelming.  Despite having only three days to discover all that we could of … Continue reading »

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Capri, Laundry, and Fresh Fruit

This week in Sorrento has been a whirlwind of beautiful sights and fun nights.  Between classes, my internship, delicious dinners, and late-night gelato runs I’ve barely had time to breathe, let alone sleep.  This weekend I had the opportunity to go and explore Capri with a large group of the other students here.  After a … Continue reading »

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Il Primo Giorno a Sorrento

I’m still in shock that I’m finally here.  Everything about this place is so beautiful, it’s hard to believe that I really get to live here for the next four months studying, traveling, eating, and soaking up the culture.  The photo below is the view from my school, Sant’Anna Institute-Sorrento Lingue, or SASL for short, … Continue reading »

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